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Below are links to business blogs  written and co-edited by Tara over the past two years. Tara provides writing services for Chris Cathers/Principal, and Jacquiline Dmytryshyn/Marketing, of Evolution Business Media Group in Nanaimo, BC:

Baby it’s Cold Outside

Winter Wonderland or Is It?

10 Reasons Why an Amicable Divorce can go Sideways

Cedar Versus Birch: Who Will Win?

Make Your House Ready for Fall

Keeping Your Tile Looking Fresh all Year Long

Hardwood vs. Tile Flooring

Why Choose Stevens for Real Estate Law

Make Your Summer Cleanup a Breeze

Lighting Trends

How Swim Spas Dash Disabilities

Ten Benefits of a Cedar Deck

Tips for Selecting the Best Contractor

How Hot Tubs Relieve Stress

Are you Using Electricity without Knowing It?

10 Benefits of Window Replacement

10 Budget Saving Ideas to Freshen Up your Bathroom

Advantages of Fire Treated Wood

Keeping Your Family Safe Around The Pool

The Importance of a Well-Maintained Website

How to Deck Out your Spa

Divorces and Holidays

Upcoming Room Rate Change

How to Achieve a Modern House Design

How to Design a Luxurious Outdoor Deck

Do I Need a Pre-Nuptial?

How to tell if your Roof is Leaking

How to get Creative with your Laundry Design

Is your Home Properly Insulated?

Games Room in the Dining Room?

Let us help with your honey do list

Dos and don’ts of picking tile

Does it have to end in Divorce?

Are Restrictive Employment Agreements Enforceable in Canada?

Why Employment Contracts are Important

How and Why Cedar Siding is Environmentally Friendly

How to Use your Hot Tub to Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

The Advantages of Area Rugs

How to Build the Ultimate Outdoor Man Cave

How to Play Pool and Improve your Pool Game

All about Yellow and Red Cedar Siding

How to Save Big Money on Bathroom Renovations

Rooftop Safety

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

Simple Mini Storage Tips and Tricks

Health Benefits of Swimming

An Easy Guide to Choosing Bathroom Tile

Top Bathroom Tile Trends for 2018

Outdoor Articles Written & Edited by Tara:

20 Revitalizing Spring Rituals

Top Gardening Tips and Tricks

The Down and Dirty of Home Gardening

How to SUP with your Pup

Fun out of the Sun

Exploring the Great Outdoors this Summer

BC Luxury Snowshoe Getaways

Cool Snowshoe Fun in the Thompson Okanagan

Easy Breezy Snowshoeing in Kelowna BC

A Brief History of Stand Up Paddleboarding

General Articles Written & Co-edited by Tara:

Unusual Ways to get the Most out of your Education

Tara’s Top 20 Tips for Happiness and Wellbeing

Gender Stereotypes

Top Ten Advantages of Self Employment

A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart

New Actions to take in 2019

Wickedly Good Times (Winner of ‘The Best of 2019)

How to Write an Effective Paragraph

Preventing Burnout

Savouring Autumn’s Sensual Delights

20 Tips for Online Study Success

Surviving School while Grieving

25 Money Saving Tips for Students

20 Effective Study Hacks

Powerful Visualization Techniques

Mood Music

Coping Strategies

30 Ways to Pull yourself out of a Rut

Meditation Now


News Articles Written by Tara:

10 Can’t Miss SUP Events

Support a Reservist, Drive a Tank

Book Reviews Written by Tara:

Book Review: Writing Down the Bones

Book Review: Creative Block

Published Poetry by Tara:


A Fine Line





Writer’s Note: I am a  BC based blog and web content writer, available to write, edit, and download blogs to your website. 

Reasonable rates and well-researched, polished results. Professional writing services to simplify your life,

Write Here, Write Now.’



Tara Panrucker, Copyright 2020

All rights reserved.


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