All About Tara

2070Tara’s sanctuary every summer break growing up was the cosy local library. There, she would while away the hours with  giant stacks of books and magazines, dreaming of all of life’s possibilities while inhaling the delicious scents of words written on paper.

Presently, Tara is a published poet and freelance writer who moved back to the Okanagan from Vancouver Island, BC. Writing credits are displayed on the ‘Links to Tara’s Work‘ page. She writes currently writes blogs for a Nanaimo marketing company and weekly articles for Athabasca University’s ‘The Voice’ online magazine. New clients are always welcome.

Tara previously published three Children’s eBooks, Ellie Captures a Star,Ellie Walks on the Moon, and Ellie Makes Sunshine.

Although living a fairly peaceful lifestyle, Tara counts driving a Canadian army tank, riding in the jump seat of a Griffin helicopter, catamaraning over the Caribbean Sea, and paragliding off a perfectly good mountain as her favourite adventures so far.

 A blissful meditator since 2014, Tara enjoys practicing her ukulele, iPhone photography, getting lost in a forest, and exploring hiking trails, usually with her feisty Boston Terrier leading the way–by a long way!

Tara enthusiastically supports the BCSPCA, local food banks, sustainable environmental practices, and

*All photos on the web site are Tara’s, or are credited accordingly. Photo credit this page goes to Steve Baldwin, taken in Cuba.


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